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Friday, April 25, 2008

so um... we might be decent this year

from has named Vontae Davis, Ryan McDonald, and Will Davis to their preseason All-American team.

Vontae Davis was named a 3rd team all-american corner, while McDonald and Davis received honorable mention listing.

Overall, they rated Illinois to be the 18th best team in the country.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Program trends... since the 1890's.

Ok, so you are probably wondering, WTF is that picture above?

Well, its a chart showing the strength of all 12 current and former Big Ten teams since 1896, the first year of league play.

The chart uses a 4-year rolling average, where the value for each school is the average place in the Big Ten standings for the previous four years (so if a school finishes 2nd, 4th, 7th, and 3rd over a 4 year period, its value will be "4.0").

The idea is to show how programs have risen and fallen over the previous 112 years.

If the above chart is way too confusing, each individual Big Ten school is listed out below. In the chart below, the red dots are how the team finished each year in the final big ten standings, and the blue line is a 4-year rolling average.

In case you are wondering, only conference games are included. If two teams finished with the same Big Ten record, they are tied in the standings regardless of their non conference record.

also, if you want year-by-year Big Ten standings, the final standings each year from the 1890's until the present are now on this site... click here.





Michigan State:



Ohio State:

Penn State:




2008 Fighting Illini Season

Check back later for more:

Date Opponent Stadium City
8/30/2008 Missouri Edward Jones Dome St. Louis, MOPregame - Postgame - Highlights - Box Score
9/6/2008 Eastern Illinois Memorial Stadium Champaign, ILPregame - Postgame - Highlights - Box Score
9/13/2008 Louisiana-Lafayette Memorial Stadium Champaign, ILPregame - Postgame - Highlights - Box Score
9/27/2008 Penn State Beaver Stadium State College, PAPregame - Postgame - Highlights - Box Score
10/4/2008 Michigan Michigan Stadium Ann Arbor, MIPregame - Postgame - Highlights - Box Score
10/11/2008 Minnesota Memorial Stadium Champaign, ILPregame - Postgame - Highlights - Box Score
10/14/2008 Indiana Memorial Stadium Champaign, ILPregame - Postgame - Highlights - Box Score
10/25/2008 Wisconsin Camp Randall Stadium Madison, WIPregame - Postgame - Highlights - Box Score
11/1/2008 Iowa Memorial Stadium Champaign, ILPregame - Postgame - Highlights - Box Score
11/8/2008 Western Michigan Ford Field Detroit, MI
11/15/2008 Ohio State Memorial Stadium Champaign, ILPregame - Postgame - Highlights - Box Score
11/22/2008 Northwestern Ryan Field Evanston, ILPregame - Postgame - Highlights - Box Score

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Illini Football Archive

This is a "static" page that will be linked to the right.

One thing I've found when searching the internet, is that year by year Big Ten standings are a real pain to find, the Big Ten website has basically no archival football information, and there really aren't any sites out there that show year by year standings. What there is, however, is record information online in each school's media guide. So what follows is the year-by-year Big Ten football standings.

Big Ten Standings by Decade:

Before 1900

More to come.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Roster:

Here's Our Current Roster Situation:

Scholarship Athletes: (63 of 85 Scholarships)
1 Vontae Davis
2 Martez Wilson
3 Marques Wilkins
5 Mikel LeShoure
6 Chris James
7 Juice Williams
9 Arrelious Benn
10 Eddie McGee
11 Jarred Fayson
13 Will Judson
14 Marcus Thomas
15 Chris Duvalt
16 Michael Hoomanawanui
17 Jeff Cumberland
18 Nate Bussey
20 Garrett Edwards
21 Kyle Hudson
22 Daniel Dufrene
26 Brian Gamble
27 Antonio Gully
28 Dere Hicks
29 Troy Pollard
30 Rahkeem Smith
31 Travon Bellamy
32 Ashante Williams
35 Darius Purcell
37 Kyle Yelton
38 Ian Thomas
43 Sam Carson III
44 Brit Miller
45 Rodney Pittman
52 Jon Asamoah
53 Dustin Jefferson
55 Anterio Jackson
56 Sirod Williams
57 Mike Garrity
60 Ryan McDonald
62 Eric Block
65 Mike Nabolotny
66 Randall Hunt
68 Xavier Fulton
71 Jeff Allen
72 Reggie Ellis
73 Jack Cornell
74 Brandon Jordan
75 Mark Jackson
76 Graham Pocic
78 Ryan Palmer
79 Craig Wilson
81 Will Davis
82 Fred Sykes
85 C.J. Jackson
85 Whitney Mercilus
86 Greg McClendon
90 Antonio James
91 Derek Walker
92 Josh Brent
93 D'Angelo McCray
94 David Lindquist
95 Doug Pilcher
97 Clay Nurse
98 Daryle Ballew
99 Jerry Brown

Signed Recruits: (21 Scholarship, 1 Walkon... 84/85 Scholarships Committed)
Jacob Charest
Hubie Graham
A.J. Jenkins
Cordale Scott
Donsay Hardeman
Tavon Wilson
London Davis
Jason Ford
Russell Ellington
Supo Sanni
Justin Staples
Tyler Sands
Glenn Foster
Ryan Sedlacek
Jack Ramsey
Nate Palmer
Evan Frierson
Corey Lewis
Corey Liuget
Patrick Nixon
Ugochukwu Uzodinma
Derek Dimke (Prefered Walk-On)

Walk Ons
10 Cody Stunkard
14 Sean Anderson
22 Andrew Harweger
23 Jack Eastman
24 Bo Flowers
30 Mike Locksley, Jr.
33 Mike Mucha
33 Mark Burgess
35 Michael Cklamovski
36 Jared Bosch
38 Matt Brandabur
39 Conor Gillen
39 Tad Keely
43 Nick Levanti
49 Tyler Pacha
51 Wisdom Onyegbule
58 Bryson Whalen
61 Cole Knuth
80 Alex Reavy
84 Matt Eller
87 Anthony Santella
88 Jaon McGoey
89 Tom Sullivan

Players Not Returning: (33)
5 Rashard Mendenhall Left for Pro's
8 DaJuan Warren Graduated
11 Joe Morgan Not On Roster
12 Billy Garza Graduated
13 Jason Reda Graduated
14 Ryan Baise Left Team
16 Mark Venegoni Graduated (WO)
18 Kevin Bailey Left Team
19 Tony Petruzzello Left Team
19 Phil Haig Left Team
23 Drew McMahon Graduated (WO)
25 Justin Sanders Graduated
32 Justin Harrison Graduated
34 Walter Mendenhall Graduated
36 Maurice Haney Left Team
40 Antonio Steele Graduated
41 Russ Weil Graduated
42 Kevin Mitchell Graduated
42 Justin Ijei Graduated (WO)
46 Tyler Rouse Graduated (WO)
47 J Leman Graduated
48 Erique Robertson Left Team
49 Kyle Knezetic Graduated (WO)
51 Anthony Thornhill Graduated
58 Dan Motuliak Graduated
63 Will Bergen Left Team
64 Martin O'Donnell Graduated
69 Akim Millington Graduated
76 Charles Myles Graduated
76 Mike Ware Graduated
82 Frank Lenti Jr. Graduated
83 Jacob Willis Graduated
96 Chris Norwell Graduated

Breakdown of Players not Returning:
  • Graduation: 24 players (19 Scholarship). this number includes 3 players who did not have their scholarships renewed for a 5th year (Walter Mendenhall, Billy Graza, & Dan Motuliak)*
  • NFL Draft: 1 - Rashard Mendenhall
  • Left Team: 8 (Including 3 scholarship players: Phil Haig (will play baseball), Will Bergen (no clue) and Erique Robertson (douchebaggery)
  • Not on Roster: Joe Morgan (he may be gone, but I have heard he could come back, so he is in limbo)
* Note: Graduation doesn't mean a player actually earned a diploma, I hope they did. It means they have been here for at least 4 years and either used up their eligibility... or were not asked back for a 5th)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

So it turns out writing about football

P1010230.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot

is kinda difficult during the offseason.

well, huzzah for Spring Football.

Pics from the spring game yesterday:

P1010212.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot
Driving up I-57 to Champaign

P1010213.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot
Coming up Neil St. in Champaign.. you can see the Stadium and Assembly Hall off in the distance

P1010219.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot
West Side of Memorial Stadium... the new press box/luxury seating tower is taking shape.

P1010227.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot
Memorial Stadium, and Assembly Hall to the right

P1010221.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot
The "I-Hotel"(right) and conference center (left), which will feature a Houlihans restaurant, located just South of Assembly Hall, it will be open this fall. (memo to DIA, have a beer garden in the conference center before basketball/football games)

P1010224.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot
again with the hotel/conference center.

P1010225.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot
Assembly Hall

OK, the game itself

P1010251.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot
This is all we saw of Regis Benn yesterday, as he is still recovering from shoulder surgery.

The game is available on, and will be rebroadcast on the Big Ten Network in the coming weeks.

P1010250.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot
Recruits sat in the student section for the game

P1010247.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot
This guy found a spot to watch the game during his break.

P1010246.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot
Isiah Williams about to receive a snap... Juice went 17-of-31 for 210 yards.

P1010245.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot
Eddie McGee, lined up with Mikel Leshoure behind him. McGee went 8-of-14 for 127 yards, including a 54 yard TD to Brian Gamble

P1010241.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot
The new Press Box rises over the stadium.

P1010239.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot
Cranes brought in steel for the center section of the press box as the game progressed.

P1010238.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot
Juice lined up with Daniel Dufrene at HB. The running game had issues yesterday. Mikel Leshoure and Jared Faysen each fumbled the ball on exchanges.

Handoffs need to be tightened up, but hopefully the lack of any long runs is more of a tribute to the D-Line (which might be the best in the Big Ten) and not a sign of ba

P1010237.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot
Inside the East Great Hall... most of the concession stands have been ripped out, and will be replaced by this fall...

P1010235.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot
eventually all the ramps will be ripped out and replaced with a walkway/staircases... I don't know if that will be done in time for the fall, however.

P1010271.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot
12,521 was the announced attendance. Decent crowd, especially since the Spring Game has never been a huge draw at Illinois, although if rain wasn't in the forecast I would imagine it would have been much more

P1010270.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot

P1010269.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot

P1010268.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot
The first ~50 rows of the lower bowl will remain intact on the west side... the upper part of the West Main Stands is now an outdoor club. This fall the "Colonnades Club" will feature over 1,000 seats with an indoor club room located behind it.

13 rows remain in the upper bowl, above it will rest 3 levels of suites, a 200 person indoor club, and spaces for coaches, the press, announcers, broadcasters, and Ron Guenther.

P1010264.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot
Illinois tightens up the formation as Juice surveys the defense.

P1010261.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot
It will cost $50,000 for you and a dozen or so of your friends to rest your ass on this beam during games this fall...

P1010260.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot

P1010255.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot

P1010254.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot

P1010278.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot
Two back set

P1010277.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot
a fullback in the game.

P1010286.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot
After the game, the view from what used to be Section M of the balcony, now Section 207.... this is where I will call home 6 Saturdays next fall.

P1010285.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot
view of the new luxury seating tower/press box from the east balcony.

P1010283.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot
Looking out over the north endzone and Champaign... in retrospect I should have gotten a shot of the "new" campus skyline...

P1010282.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot

P1010281.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot
"can't lower the field 5 feet because of sightlines"... my ass.

still, the view from the balcony is great.

P1010280.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot
Looking up at the balcony from about row ~65-70 of the lower bowl.

P1010279.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot

Out and About Champaign after the game:
While waiting for my Papa Dels Pizza to cook (drool)... took a walk down Green Street...

all I have to say is, I've been gone about 300 days, and I don't recognize it anymore, good lord.
P1010291.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot\
This is the Burnham towers, which will be a 14 story condo building, with grocery store, built on Springfield Avenue 2 blocks north of Green Street. City planners hope this building will help connect Campustown and Downtown Champaign... the University had to move a radio transmitter because the tower was blocking the WILL signal.

P1010290.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot
309 Green Street in the front, this will be the tallest building in Champaign, and to the best of my knowledge the second tallest building in downstate Illinois (outside of Watterston Towers at Illinois State University)... 8 floors will be parking garage, with a pool on top of it, and 16 floors of high end student apartments.

another new building in the background... I'm not sure what the "name" of it is... but its being built in the parking lot that used to be across from Legends.

P1010289.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot
309 Green is slowly catching up to The Tower on Third, Presidential Tower, University Inn, Century 21, whatever that building is called now...

P1010288.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot
it was announced this week that 309 Green Building will have a second building build on the east (opposite side from this picture) side of it...

P1010298.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot
campus town, this is at 5th and Green

P1010297.jpg picture by ijustkrushalot
from 4th and Green Street I could see 4 new large commercial/residential buildings that simply didn't exist 12 months ago...