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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Program trends... since the 1890's.

Ok, so you are probably wondering, WTF is that picture above?

Well, its a chart showing the strength of all 12 current and former Big Ten teams since 1896, the first year of league play.

The chart uses a 4-year rolling average, where the value for each school is the average place in the Big Ten standings for the previous four years (so if a school finishes 2nd, 4th, 7th, and 3rd over a 4 year period, its value will be "4.0").

The idea is to show how programs have risen and fallen over the previous 112 years.

If the above chart is way too confusing, each individual Big Ten school is listed out below. In the chart below, the red dots are how the team finished each year in the final big ten standings, and the blue line is a 4-year rolling average.

In case you are wondering, only conference games are included. If two teams finished with the same Big Ten record, they are tied in the standings regardless of their non conference record.

also, if you want year-by-year Big Ten standings, the final standings each year from the 1890's until the present are now on this site... click here.





Michigan State:



Ohio State:

Penn State:




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Just think how much better Illinois would be if it had a competent athletic director.