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Monday, January 28, 2008

Take your marks..... get set........ BANG!

Evidently a cheerful, optimistic bunch of people have been reading this site.... 38% of you (88 people) thought we would go 8-0 in the Big Ten next year.... 88% of you thought we would win at least 6 games...

time to knock you all down a peg or two.

last night, while most of us were in a delirium over Illinois throttling of Northwestern news came out that Illinois reserve LB Erique Robertson was sitting in Champaign County jail on $50,000 bond....

what did he do wrong pray tell?

Well, the News-Gazoo paints a flattering picture:

Officers were sent to the area on a report of shots fired, Dunn said. Witnesses reported seeing a man shooting a gun and gave police a description, she said.

When police arrived, one officer reported seeing muzzle flashes and hearing shots, Dunn said. No one was injured by the shooting, Dunn said.

Police arrested Robertson for unlawful use of a weapon, aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, aggravated reckless discharge of a firearm and resisting or obstructing justice, according to Dunn. Robertson was released Sunday after posting 10 percent on $50,000 bond.

So far nothing more than a boilerplate release from the DIA... it'll probably be a few days before the whole story comes out... rumors state it was a starter pistol he fired, not a real gun... which would downgrade his actions from Class X Thuggery to Grade A Shenanigans... although it still might not help him out too much in terms of the multiple felonies he is facing. One thing is for certain, this is certainly gonna help our defense of the 2007 Fulmer Cup

One thing is for certain, out of the gates Mr. Robertson is a strong (and hopefully the only) contender for the:

2008 Ellis-McPherson Memorial Game of Life "Participant" ribbon

... (more on that prestigious award whenever I post my 2007 Season Awards, which should be in the next few days).

In slightly less annoying news... Signing Day is just over a week away... when we can finally sit down and look at who is gonna be on campus next fall.

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