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Monday, January 28, 2008

Spend my money!!!

on the upper right hand corner of your screen you can find a poll entitled "What game should I attend next year?"

The premise is pretty simple... Besides the 7 games in Memorial Stadium and likely the Missouri game... I want to make a road trip to an opposing Big Ten Stadium... part of my goal of seeing a football and basketball game on every Big Ten Campus... so far my list is kinda bare on the football side: (x's represent number of games I've attended)

Basketball Football
Iowa xxxx
Michigan xx
Michigan State


Northwestern xxx
Ohio State x
Penn State

Purdue xxx

This year things are looking up... the football team should be good, we have some huge games scheduled... and I have enough spending change to try and make one or two road trips (especially since I have zeroed out my basketball travel account for the next couple seasons)

I'm stuck debating between whether to go: Madison, Ann Arbor, or Happy Valley...

You might be asking yourself "why isn't northwestern an option"... well, I'll probably go to that game, but it will be a drive-up-the-day-of and take the train to the game then get the f*ck out of Evanston trip... not much game-day experience to take in...

But I need some help deciding... between the three you get to vote on here are my thoughts:

Pro's - Short(er) trip (coming from Southern Illinois), I might have a reasonably close place to stay, cost effective all around. Plus Madison is a campus I've never been to.
Con's - horror stories about the tremendous tools that Wisconsin fans are... their god-awful f*cking band

Ann Arbor
Pro's: largest stadium in the nation, possibly a team that we can beat up on (we'll see after signing day)
Con's: I've already been to Ann Arbor before... I haven't been to the other two places.

Happy Valley
Pro's: another huge ass stadium, never been to Penn State, this is probably the one I want to go to the most
Con's: Mostly distance... quite a hike out to central Pennsylvania.

Comments on where I should go are welcome, along with your own experiences...

I promise to make a good faith effort to attend whichever game wins... this means I will put in for tickets from the UI ticket office and if that fails I will give EBay or Stub Hub a look and try and get something for a reasonable price... this doesn't mean I will be going to the game come hell or high water though...


illinois81 said...

Wisconsin fans can be awful. I've been to Penn State and my sisters live nearby and go often. My one experience there was good and my sisters report that they are always treat well. The stadium as a structre is underwhelming. Like the Big House and Ohio Staduim, it is impressive with the number of people. Campus is in a pretty seting, too. I've already planned to go for a long weekend.

Anonymous said...

My son lives a few blocks from Camp Randal and I've driven by on game day (Iowa was in town). One thing to bear in mind is the stadium is in the middle of down town with NO on site parking/tailgating. All of that is done "off site" with everyone transported by buses pre and post game. They do have a "Street Party" scene a few blocks away that's a level above Green Street but I'm not sure I'd be too comfortable showing up there wearing orange.