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Monday, February 18, 2008

President's Day: Catching up.

Four score and seven years ago, (No, I'm not talking about Jon Beutjer's career at Illinois)
our forefathers (Huff and Zuppke) brought forth the idea of a new stadium....

now, 87 years later (and 85 years after its opening), we are set to rededicate the facility, complete with a ginormous press box, club seating, and hopefully a badass statue of Red Grange.

Things are looking up for the Illini... which is good because basketball is completely unwatchable this year... I have now gone completely into "soccer mode", which should keep me occupied until next august (sans Spring Ball of course).

At any rate, against EIU on September 6th next year, Illinois will be rolling out throwback jersey's... the DIA chose to go with Butkus era... which should be pretty sweet (hopefully they will have some for sale to the general public) But I do have to say, I would prefer they would have tried to design some 1920's era jersey's, like what Pittsburgh wore recently:

Oh well, should be cool... the DIA also recently announced season ticket prices for 2008... as much as I rip on the marketing at UI, they have hit a home run again... $77.00 for "Red Zone" tickets (horseshoe)... heck, I was saying they should jack it up to about $120 but let those who had tickets last year renew for $99...

Tickets should (and will) keep climbing in the coming years, but this is a good start.

I've heard the Spring Game is April 19th... I don't know if that is set in stone, but its about the same as previous years, so its probably a good bet.

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