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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Big Ten Pick 'em week 1:

Week 1 of the 2008 Big Ten Pick 'em is upon us... the form you need to fill out is at the bottom of the page...


Enter a username for yourself (strongly prefer you keep it similar to what you use on whatever message board you post on, so people can identify you) and a PIN number, the PIN number can be any text string you want, but when it comes time for me to add together scores across weeks, I will make sure the PIN Number matches, this is to prevent someone from hijacking your picks. If you are off by a character or two, I will probably find it and correct it for you.

Illinois vs. Missouri
Akron @ Wisconsin
Coastal Carolina @ Penn State
Maine @ Iowa
Syracuse @ Northwestern
Western Kentucky @ Indiana
Youngstown State @ Ohio State
Utah @ Michigan
Northern Illinois @ Minnesota
Michigan State @ California
BONUS #1: Alabama vs. Clemson
BONUS #2: Oklahoma State (abbreviated "MAN", here's why) vs. Washington State
Bonus Question: Who will have the higher QB Rating in the 2008 Arch Rivalry Game between Illinois and Missouri, Chase Daniel or Juice Williams (click here for the college QB rating formula)

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