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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

For Fellow Excel Nerds:

view the full sheet here.

Comprehensive Division I football schedule, with game times where avaialable. Games involving only FCS schools are in light blue, games where a FBS school is involved are white. All games have the location and capacity of the stadium listed (except for a couple obscure FCS games)

Column Headings:
Game # (order I typed them in)
GW = Game Week (I consider game weeks to start at midnight on Tuesday and last until the following Monday Night)
Date = Date of game: Peach-ish with black text means the game is tomorrow, orange with white text means the game is today, black with white text means the game has already happened, and blue with white text means the game is in the future.
Day = Day of the week... Mon, Tue, Wed, etc...
Time = Kickoff time, where available, All times Central (unless I screwed it up)
Away Team = away team, this might not be entirely accurate for neutral site games
Score = away team score*
Home Team = home team, again, don't read too much into this for neutral games
Score = home team score*
N? = A "Y" will be present if this game is neutral-venue.
Location = the Stadium the game will be played in (list of stadiums can be found in the team data section)
Capacity = capacity of the stadium the game will be played in
Att. = Game attendance, as lifted from posted box scores.*

*NOTE ON SCORES/ATTENDANCE: This will be updated periodically, but not necessarily often

Also, a table with list of basic data for all Division I football schools. (School, Nickname, City, State, Stadium information, school information)

Column Headings:
# = Index Number
School = School Name
Games = Number of games scheduled
Nickname = School athletics nickname
City = City where school is located
State = State where school is located
Conference = Conference
2007 Att. = Average home game attendance for the 2007 Season
Stadium = Name of primary home stadium
Surface = Artificial or Grass
Type = Outdoor, Dome, Retractable Roof
Capacity = Stadium Capacity
Built = year stadium was built
Enroll = University Enrollment (undergraduate and graduate)
Type = Public or Private School
Founded = Year school was founded
Stadium Notes = notes on stadium construction/renovation/replacement
Growth/Year = Enrollment divided by age of school
Subdivision = Football Bowl Subdivision or Football Championship Subdivision

NOTE: BCS Conference schools are Dark Green, Mid-Majors are Light Green, Independents are Gray, and FCS schools are Orange.

this concludes "how I spent my summer vacation".

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