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Friday, May 23, 2008

Predict the final 2008 Big Ten standings:

"interactive feature" time... I want to know how people think the Big Ten standings will end up...

I also want to toy around with Google Docs and their "live form" feature

This is also in anticipation of actually doing and following through with a "Big Ten Pick 'em" this fall... and the only way that will work is if i don't have to do any work... so behold the wonders of the internet.

Here's what you do:


1.) Enter a name for yourself (so people can see what you have chosen)

2.) Select what school you root for (at some point if we get a couple lurkers i'd be interested to see what their predictions are)

3.) Select a school for First through Eleventh place. Make sure you pick a different school for each slot and you fill out the form, because if a school shows up twice your vote won't be counted (and there are no hanging chads here).

4.) Watch the table below grow:

How the fans of each school voted

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