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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Well, at least Indiana is doing one thing right...

I hate for my one post in quite a while to be about something IU HASN'T f*cked up... I'll throw together something of moderate length laughing at them in the near future...

From Peegs... their stadium expansion is starting to take shape

If it makes you feel better, I believe construction delays have pushed the project back (thankfully any delay's at the real Memorial Stadium in Champaign have been minor and the project appears to be on schedule)...

and I still can't figure out why they are adding luxury seating to the SOUTH side of the stadium (the side the sun would shine on)... maybe they wanted the open end to face campus.

so setting aside the cheating basketball program, their slime ball ex basketball coach, their screwed up athletic department, the fact they are stuck with a mediocre football coach, their pathetic non conference schedule, the impending NCAA sanctions, all the athletes who were calling the shots in the basketball program and had to be flushed out of town, James Hardy getting arrested AGAIN, Kellen Lewis smokin' the refer, and their OTHER slimeball ex basketball coach... least their cozy yet-uninspired football facility is starting to look like an actual big ten venue and not an over-sized MAC stadium.

1 comment:

A's pwn said...

They're enclosing the North endzone, not the south.