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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Big Ten Media Day Part 2:

Michigan State - Mark Dantonio

I missed the first bit... bunch of coachspeak about academics, recapping last year, integrity, blah blah.

They got the "first base" last year... (a bowl game) (huh?)

Q: How do things change with Ringer being the go-to guy?
A: *coachspeak* he says that today it has to be a 2-3 tailback system.

Q: Move from Big East to Big Ten?... how will it be with DickRod?
A: DickRod brings awareness(?), did great job at WVU, used the word "outstanding" a lot. He sees the Big Ten as a conference where anyone can rise up and play. Mentioned Illinois coming from "wherever they came from" to the top.

Q: How realistic is it to believe you can go from first base to home this year? (*shudder*)
A: *coachspeak* *one game at a time mantra* "It's not as far away as you think, it's not as close as you imagine." "our goal will be to win a big ten championship this year"

Q: Can you be this year's Illinois?
A: "they are fattening us up" "everybody has an opportunity in this conference"... mentioned they lost close games last year.

Q: I missed it :(
A: something about rebuilding, making your own mark... blah blah blah. Previous MSU coaches made their mark and left... they are looking for longevity.

Q: How will you replace Devon Thomas?
A: *name dropping* cunningham had a good year, Fred Smith might be a good incoming freshman.

Q: Ohio State, Wisconsin, Illinois question... is Big Ten in transition... is this an anomoly before Michigan and PSU get back to the top?
A: Any team can rise up... mentioned Illinois.

"We have time for one more question... *crickets*

Tim Brewster - Minnesota

...went straight into boring coachspeak speech...

"We want to become... a better football team"... no shit.

"we felt like we recruited one of the top classes in the nation"

his voice keeps getting louder and louder... I need an advil.

...still waiting for him to get past his opening remarks... now talking about change.

I just turned the volume down 3 notches...



Ok, I'm pretty sure Tim is going to try and use the entire 15 allotted minutes to talk without answering any questions.

- talked about Adam Weber, has become a better student of the game, has put on weight.
- talked about Eric Decker (who in NCAA 09 caught 2 touchdowns and ran a kick back against me... its ok though, I beat them like 65-30)
- "If you really love football, football will love you back"

more name dropping.

now he's talking about his kicker's.... good grief.

talking about the stadium now... TCF Bank Stadium "it will be an amazing place"... Brewster says it will help with recruiting.

I just noticed... somewhere in the last 5 minutes he buttoned up his gold pin-striped jacket.

FINALLY!!! Questions!

Q: Emphasis on Defense, how will the D change
A: "I don't think its about style or scheme... its about players". "we talk about Alignment, assignment, and tackle"... (uh tim, alignment (style) and assignment (scheme) is what the question is about)

Then Brewster started name dropping and yelling even louder... christ almighty.

Q: the schedule
A: Its important we start first..." all we are looking at is August 30th against Northern Illinois, thats as far as we are looking "

Q: Do you have the personelle to better impliment the spread offense?
A: long boring ancedote about Marquis Gray... then more name dropping.

I officially hate any serious question, because coaches aren't going to actually answer them...

Q: Do you feel young coaches can change the balance of power? (from a kid from Northwestern)
A: "You're a young kid aren't you?.... DID YOU KNOW minnesota has won 6 national titles?! Minnesota is truely one of the top schools in the Big Ten... blah blah)

and we're out of time...

Penn State - Joe Paterno

thank god... hopefully less coach speak.

Joe Pa decides to skip the monologue and go straight to questions... nice move.

Q: What do you want to see from Deven or Clark? (QB)
A: I hope we can make a good decision... I'm not looking for any one thing.

Q: Thoughts on being in the Hall of Fame?
A: "You hang around long enough they have to do something with you"... "It's a great honor... to be recognized by your peers" tough to enjoy it when he's concentrating on football.

Q: question about Pryor and Ohio State
A: "I don't think thats my decision to make, I think its a dumb question to be honest with you" "I think its up to Jimmy"
* side note, JoePa couldn't find the guy asking the question in the crowd

Q: Boilerplate "joe tiller thought highly of you, please stroke his ego back" question.
A: predictable

Q: Do you feel badgered by retirement questions?
A: "I get tired of answering the same old question... you can only say "I don't know" so many times." "I want to get out when I think its appropriate," and he wants to give the next generation a really good football team.

Q: Is the passion/dedication still there?
A: "all i tell you is how I fell today... ..I feel really good, health wise I feel good, I'm excited"

Q: You get tired about retirement question (so here comes another one)... when you see Joe leave do you think about leaving?
A: "he does it his way, I do it my way"

Q: another fucking retirement question.
A: joe is about to choke a bitch.

OK, at this point someone in my office merciflly had pizza, so I got away from this crap for 20 minutes.. so...

Iowa - Kirk Ferentz
I missed it... shoot.

Now DickRod is up and talking...

Michigan - Rich Rodriguez

I walked into this one with coachspeak for his opening statements.

Q: General question about the transition from WVU
A: General boilerplate answer.

Q: Do you have any regrets about the WVU lawsuit
A: "there is a lot of things I would like to talk about, but I want to move on..."

more boring questions about the lawsuit that Mr. Rodrigues isn't going to answer...

Q: What changes have been made to the strength and conditioning program
A: another mention of BBQ at coaches house (see: Pat Fitzgerald)... basically, not really an answer to the question other than a different way to do things.

Q: ANOTHER question about Pryor (urge to kill rising)
A: "I only talk about players that play for michigan"

Q: Speed and athleticism in the Big Ten?
A: boilerplate.... stated that his offense isn't anything particularly new for the Big Ten.

LOL... question from the author...

Q: What can you do to turn results around in Michigan's favor
A: "I don't have a countdown to a particular game, other than the game that is next" he's not going to be hapy to just beat Ohio State...

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