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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Big Ten Media Day:

Live streaming video:

Here's a disjointed recap and commentary on the press conferences

Illinois - Ron Zook

Opening comments:
- proud of football team, proud of what they accomplished... yada yada
- Need to move on, to keep going.
- Excited
- Talked about the "phases" of the year.
- acknowledged that there are a lot of questions, who will replace Mendenhall, Reda, Leman?

Question: How will you lineup with running backs... will be by committee?
Answer: Dufrene will probably be starter going into practice.... but depth charts aren't important early. It will probably be by committee so far. Ford has not been in practice yet. It will be important for the staff to put them in positions where they can be successful.

Question: About Spread Offense, why the spread so popular?
Answer: "I don't have the answer to that", wanted to run an offense he hated to see as a defense coordinator. Spreading the field makes it harder to stop the run. Its a fun offense. Zook is excited about the 40 second play clock.

Question: About Juice's development.
Answer: Juice has improved over the last year. Talked about how his completion percentage should be up in the 70's. Juice has worked hard, put in the effort. Players will be better as JR's and SR's than underclassman. Juice has turned into more of a leader, he is more relaxed and confident. Said that Eddie has worked hard as well. Its good to have 2 quality QB's working so hard.

Question: About Big Ten losing in the BCS games last year. Has Big Ten taken a hit?
Answer: Its important that we (the B10) go win. there is no doubt in his mind the Big Ten is a great conference. It is important that we take care of business.

Question: Talk about Joe Tiller
Answer: Coach Tiller has a great sense of humor, was won a lot of games, has done well with purdue. He made Purdue a school that competes for recruits.

Question: Was Illinois a flash in the pan, how do they address the "one and done" philosphy.
Answer: Coming back from California, told kids they will be dissapointed when they see the tape. Said they need to take a freshman class through the system. Britt has said that his class isn't going to be the one to drop the ball.

Question: Do you like the Missouri Game?
Answer: "They aren't going to change it, so I might as well be happy about it". Its an opportunity to make sure camp is productive.

Question: Who has improved most in the off season
Answer: Hard to say. They have all progressed. Goals in the spring were to keep leadership intact and improve passing game. Zook thinks defense will be the strength of the football team, specifically the D-Line. Players are all close knit and excited for the season to start.

Question: What is different about Missouri than last year?
Answer: Last year we had to teach the guys how to win. This year the difference is the guys know they can compete.

Question: Is there one thing you have to have to run the spread, and to stop it
Answer: On defense you can't get too complicated. the spread has allowed us to do is give our players the best chance to win. We didn't run Option at Florida, we do herebecause it works for Juice.

Northwestern - Pat Fitzgerald

- He's his usual tense self.
- Talked about expectations (what?)
- Disappointing last season, though they made strides

Q: New Offensive Coordinator?
A: 8 Big Ten offenses are now spread, each one is different. Offense is about players, formation, and plays... brilliant. Able to control tempo with 40 second play clock.

Q: 8 teams run spread, spreading across the country, again another question about why it is popular.
A: Thinks its critical at QB position. Its a flexible offense. Opens up offensively. Get speed on the field. Allows staff to put best 11 players regardless of position (to an extent). difficult for defenses

Q: Who appears to be the impact newcomers.
A: Redshirt freshman, 2 on offensive line. Charles Brown had a good offseason. Vincent Brown at DE, Ben Johnson at LB. Michael Bolden and Mavin at Corner and Special Teams. Optimistic about the new players.

Q: What kind of impact/confidense does Sutton bring?
A: chance for a great bookend to his career, if he can stay healthy. They hope to get the running game back on track. (and overrated)

Q: At what point are you a month before the season.
A: *coachspeak*, needed to adjust with all the new coaches. leadership council (WTF?) had a BBQ at Fitz' house on Sunday... hopefully they will be ready for Syracuse.

Q: Finishing games was a problem last year... how do you address that?
A: Finishing is a way of life.... *coachspeak*

Q: What will you change from last year, what did you learn
A: *coachspeak*... talks about how he thinks they recruited well the last two seasons.

Q: Early on you lost to Duke and Sutton got injured... do you talk to the team about it or move past it.
A: We got what we deserved against Duke. When we finally started to play NORTHWESTERN FOOTBALL we ran out of time. Angrily shouted about how in 1993 six wins would have been a purple party in evanston. They shouldn't be happy with 6 wins anymore.

Q: same reporter trying to get the coaches to stroke Joe Tiller off.
A: predictable.

Q: Ohio State, Wisconsin, Illinois 1,2,3... what do you think?
A: Ohio State is clearly #1... after that we had 10 bowl eligible teams last year. Big Ten continues to have great success.

Q: Any fundamental change with Jim Phillips as the new AD?
A: he doesn't sleep. use of the word change a few times. NORTHWESTERN FOOTBALL. More coachspeak.

I don't condone the use of or personally use any illegal drugs, but this man needs a joint. I zoned out quite a bit with the coachspeak.

Wisconsin - Bret Bielima

My video player is going straight up crazy, and he sounds like a chipmunk. Which may be accurate.

Like Bo Ryan, he is slowly taking on the physical appearance of a badger... a very tan badger.

I missed the first question, something about injuries, and how well players are recovering.

Q: Back to back night games at Camp Randall
A: Power that be determine schedule... we are very excited, we have a great record with night games. Festive environment (I seem to recall last year he bitched about having a night game against iowa... he must have seen the light)

Q: Michigan not in the top 3?
A: Probably a misprint. Preseason predictions are based on numbers. He said he thought last year Illinois would be a suprise team, he likes the postseason accolades better.

Q: About Michigan changing its look. how do you prepare for Rich.
A: They have non-conference games first they can scout. "Its good to be at a michigan press conference"

Q: QB situation?
A: Allen has game experience, played for KSU. Name dropped the rest of their roster. Competition brings the best... 10 days before Akron they will have a 2-deep.

Q: Whats it like to not to run the spread.
A: We're unique! for us we are the team other teams have to make changes to prepare. Called his linemen big and ugly. We have to adjust defensively because we go against our own offense in practice. Spread creates spacing, one on one matchups. Every spread is different, makes it more difficult.

Q: Akron, Fresno St., Marshall, Cal Poly are the non-con... isn't that below your standards?
A: Snappy remark. When we signed marshall they were a good team... tried to polish up Akron. Talked about how tough Fresno State is (which is a true statement, its going to be a tough game for Wisconsin). Got out of Virginia Tech to create a bye week before michigan, then Cal Poly was all they could find.

Q: Ohio has had a run of dominance... they lost big in BCS title games. Does that reflect on the conference?
A: No one can argue with their history and tradition. As a conference, we need to win our games. Capital One Bowl is a huge bowl, largest non BCS bowl. Michigan won its last year. As a whole the Big Ten is strong.

Q: You talked up the Illini last year... is there anyone this year?
A: *coach speak* *coaches are high quality*... mentions Michigan State as a challenging game. They don't play Purdue, Northwestern. Indiana is waiting to jump up.

Q & A: Prempts the Joe Tiller Question by answering it. Dodges the slob fest by saying joe isn't wearing a tie and he beat him they one time they played.

Q: About your QB's.
A: Allen has to hit receivers. He wants to see how the rest react to being hit, how they handle the pressure.

Q: Feelings about 40 second clock?
A: Great idea. Its going to make things more consistant. Every official moves at a different pace. Eliminate issues with clock. He doesn't like the clock starting on out of bounds. He doesn't like changing the game.

Purdue - Joe Tiller

Last year he coached is the most unusual spring he has had. 15 starters or significant players missed most of practice. Said summer and camp will be vital.

Good to have a 3.5 year starter. Kicker had good game last year

Q: What is your legacy?
A: "People are still curious about me" "The fact we were able to bring Purdue from the depths to being more competitive".

Q: how does the succession plan make you adjust how you coach
A: NOT AT ALL! Danny Hope has been on the staff before, he thinks they might have suffered when they left. Long rant... says it will go "extremely well"

Q: Share your thoughts on your most endearing relationship with staff... and other coaches.
A: "uhm... I've met few coaches I haven't liked. Seems to gravitate to coach Paterno... their wives are close. " "If you can't get along well with Joe Tiller (yes, he refered to himself in the third person), there is something wrong with you, not Joe Tiller". If you don't genu-wine-ly like your staff there can be issues.

Q: Do you take pride/amusement schools have adopted your offensive style?
A: No, it was going to happen sooner or later, players like to play it. Spread offense is a reflection of society (huh?), it fits into an instant gratification society. They did their part to make America better? (WHAT THE FUCK!?)

Q: Is there a possiblity Paterno won't be back
A: yea, he'll have to quit someday... so there is a possibility, but he should stick around. He has been a real leader and visionary. college football will miss him when the time comes. Compares him to the "Everready Bunny... keeps on ticking"

Q: Boring retread question on the Big Ten and perception.
A: Something about bloggers, Tiller doesn't have an email address, my video is choppy again. He's been in Wyoming for 3 weeks... blah blah blah. teams beating each other up happens in "every damn league"

Q: I missed the name, something about a recruit being on campus...
A: He will be fine. (no clue what its about)

Ohio State - Jim Tressel
Tressel is in a suit and tie...

opens with a bunch of coachspeak.

Q: you are 6-1 against Michigan, predecessor was 2-10-1, why?
A: good players... (rant from there, good thing Zook was first, coach speak is starting to wear on me)

Q: Carson Palmer's comments.
A: He's very proud of where he played... I'm sure he's excited about us getting to play his alma mater.

Q: How soon will Pryor be in your offense?
A: August 4th, first day of practice. Needs to pick up the signs and system. From day 1 he will be someone you take notice of.

Q: Difference in preseason prep coming off the 2 national title games?
A: Make sure you continue to challenge guys. Not let them think its the same. They will challenge them physically and intellectually (I about fell out of my chair at this)

Q: USC game?
A: We always wanted to have a national home and home series in every 2 year schedule (Texas, USC series), its good for recruiting. its a huge challenge.

Q: No michigan, penn state in the top 3, how accurate is the poll?
A: It hasn't been in the past, which is frightening.... *coachspeak*

Q: Is there any pressure being picked #1?
A: *coachspeak* doesn't know that it adds anything.

I've noticed he has never said "the" ohio state university... someone in Public Affairs might want to send him a memo.

Q: Boeckmann
A: no price tag on experience. Easier for Boeckmann to step up and take charge this year.

Q: JoePa question again... can you imagine Penn State without Joe?
A: boring question, I've zoned out.

Q: can you pickout a darkhorse in the Big Ten?
A: *artful dodge* *coachspeak* *head falls into keyboardddddddddddddddddddddddddd*

Q: has big ten perception been pinned to 4 BCS games?
A: From our standpoint its fair, we haven't been successful... I don't think it should reflect on the conference. The only thing that matters is the game.

Q: Would losing the NC game again have a positive outlook... would it make for a dissapointing season?
A: IF it were to happen again it means we were Big Ten champions, so I couldn't be dissapointed with that. Would be dissapointed if we didn't play to our ability.

Indiana - Bill Lynch
First bowl experience in a number of years.
Confidence on campus.

Nobody is gonna watch the shitty basketball team so maybe we will sell tickets (ok, he didn't say that)

40 second rule is an opportunity to control Tempo (IU will be no-huddle this year)

Q: Now that Kellen is back, what is his ceiling
A: outstanding player, he can play within the framework of the offense (their framework is him running around for his life?). They have worked hard to develop the offensive line... and to be good defensively. Need to not be reliant on one guy like Kellen.

Q: Who are the players who should step up in the secondary
A: The answer consists of a bunch of name dropping.

Q: running game?
A: We'll continue to play a number of guys with Thigpen as the starter. He really thinks O-Line will be better (sounds like a cry for help)

Q: how quickly do you think Kellen will be back to speed. What do you think the bowl experience taught the team?
A: Kellen missing spring gives others the chance to step up... it will be competitive amongst QB's. With respect to the bowl game: gave them confidence that they can be a bowl team. The game proved they still need to be better.

Q: is there a different feel on campus because of last year.
A: yes. *coachspeak* talked about how the north end zone structure will improve their facilities.

Q: talk about the "play 13" mantra
A: Play 13 was Hoeppner. It became big because Hep could only communicate with emails near the end and signed emails with it. It became the cry for the team. It will always be there. Now we want to play AND win the 13th game.

Q: Any talk of playing in Lucas Oil Stadium
A: no, we want as many games in Bloomington as possible (no shit, look at their pathetic schedule). "We gotta defend the rock!" "The buckeyes don't lose in Columbus"... hehe. We are fortunate to have 8 home games. Down the road maybe (in Indy)

Q: With new AD, are you confident football will get its support?
A: I'm not going to bother listening to this answer, there is only one possible answer he can give. There was a vague reference to the basketball melt-down.

Q: Can you give us a personelle update, will anyone be out?
A: "minor repair" surgery is best done before spring because you don't want to risk them not being ready in early august. Everyone is back and healthy.

and now a 30 minute intermission.

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